What is

    ModifAI is an AI engine that drives our editing automation services. We have predefined workflows that allow you to make a variety of changes to an image. It delivers on-demand, fast, and consistent high-quality image editing.

    Can you deliver non-destructive results?

    If you select TIF files as an output, complete pixel data is preserved with an embedded alpha channel. Please note that the TIF format does increase the output file size.

    What is the maximum file size?

    ModifAI supports files up to 50 megabytes in size.

    What are the maximum file dimensions?

    ModifAI supports files up to 10,000 pixels on the long-side.

    How many images can I upload?

    As a registered user, you can process up to 5 high-resolution images for free. If you have a subscription there are no restrictions on how many images you can upload per month.

    What file formats are supported?

    You can upload images in PNG, JPG, TIF, and PSD. However, if you upload a TIF or PSD, ModifAI will treat these formats as flattened images and ignore any layers.

    You can download images in PNG, JPG, and TIF format. Note that only PNG or TIF are suitable for transparency.

    What image content/subjects do you support?

    You can upload any subject for segmentation as our product segmentation model is optimized for high-resolution product and model studio photography work. This work includes Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), consumer electronics, and much more.

    Why don’t some images work?

    ModifAI is an AI-powered image editing engine and works by identifying the most important subject within an image. Although state-of-the-art, sometimes even our AI cannot determine the subject within a scene as well as a human might. For best results, make sure that the subject is clear, has good contrast with the background, and is in focus.

    What color spaces do you support?

    We currently support RGB spaces only but will be extending support for CMYK, Lab, and single-channel.

    Can you handle large volumes?

    Please contact us about using our API which can handle thousands of images per hour.

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  • ModifAI is isolating products from their background without the use of any image editing programs such as Photoshop. ModifAI’s software has been created to function on its own and is not submitted to any alteration of third parties programs.
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