About us

ModifAI is part of Bright River, a world leading visual content production and optimisation company.

Our story

ModifAI is the logical progression of decades worth of image editing experience. Bright River, established in 2006, opened its doors with a focus on end-to-end image editing solutions. In alignment with Bright River’s objectives, ModifAI seeks to empower brands and (r)etailers to increase revenue through effective online merchandising. Developed in late-2020 ModifAI’s mission is to fully automate the common image workflows that we have developed and refined since 2006.

Who are we

ModifAI is proudly made by Bright River, the visual content solutions provider of choice for many of the world’s leading e-commerce brands and retailers.

  • ModifAI
  • ModifAI is isolating products from their background without the use of any image editing programs such as Photoshop. ModifAI’s software has been created to function on its own and is not submitted to any alteration of third parties programs.
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